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  1. Since its foundation in , SONOR always strived for innovation and the highest possible quality percussion instruments. A lot has changed since then but the goal always stayed the same: To create timeless instruments, build with decades of experience, an obsession with detail to create the SONOR sound and in close cooperation with a community of passionate artists in order to empower every.
  2. Drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments are only as reliable as the hardware that holds them. That's why Sweetwater stocks, ready to order, stands, clamps, mounts, racks, pedals, and thrones from the most trusted names in drum hardware.
  3. Giant frame drums were used in the temples of ancient Sumer, and Mesopotamian objects from about bce depict frame drums and small cylindrical drums played horizontally and vertically. Early Egyptian artifacts (c. bce) show a drum with skins stretched by a network of thongs.A waisted, or hourglass, drum is seen on one of the Bharhut reliefs, the oldest Indian temple reliefs (2nd.
  4. Choose the number of drums: Sets come with three, four, five, or more drums. Pick additional percussion instruments: Hi-hat cymbals and crash cymbals are some options. Choose a wood: Common types include maple, birch, mahogany, poplar, lauan, basswood, and falkata. Choose a brand: Manufacturers include Pearl, Yamaha Ludwig, and more.
  5. Feb 03,  · Here is something for the ladies for Valentines Day! I'll score big time with this one. So ladies, if you need a drummer, I'm just One Call Away! Thanks again! Credits goes to Charlie Puth! I'm.
  6. Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit – Seven Piece Mesh Electric Drum Set With + Sounds, 30 Play-Along Tracks, Drum Sticks & Connection Cables included out of 5 stars $ $
  7. Drums, Cymbals & Percussion. At Sam Ash we understand that the needs of drummers and percussionists extend well beyond the needs of other musicians. The Sam Ash drum department reflects that. We don't just have a huge selection of drum sets.
  8. A drum kit — also called a drum set, trap set (an abbreviation of the word, "contraption"), or simply drums — is a collection of drums and other percussion instruments, typically cymbals, which are set up on stands to be played by a single player, with drumsticks held in both hands, and the feet operating pedals that control the hi-hat cymbal and the beater for the bass drum.

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