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  1. Pack ice definition is - sea ice formed into a mass by the crushing together of pans, floes, and brash.
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  3. Packice synonyms, Packice pronunciation, Packice translation, English dictionary definition of Packice. n masses of ice floating in the open sea Noun 1. drift ice - masses of ice floating in the open sea ice - the frozen part of a body of water. Packice - definition of Packice .
  4. Question It took Fred 12 hours to travel over pack ice from one town in the Arctic to another town miles away. During the return journey, it took him 15 hours. Assume the pack ice was drifting at a constant rate, and that Fred’s snowmobile was traveling at a constant speed relative to the pack ice.
  5. Jun 23,  · Ice pack definition is - an expanse of pack ice. How to use ice pack in a sentence.
  6. pack ice a large area of floating ice, usually occurring in polar seas, consisting of separate pieces that have become massed together Pack Ice polar sea ice that has lasted through more than two annual cycles of buildup and thaw. It is usually observed in the form of vast ice fields in the Arctic Basin and as shore ice along the northern coasts of.

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